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New Rgrip Straight Control Knife offers Monument Tools Inc. quality in the palm of your hand

(SAN JOSE, Calif.) Oct. 30, 2021 -- Monument Tools Inc. announced today that it will have its latest product, the new Rgrip Straight Cold Knife, on display at the upcoming 2021 Sema Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Our Cold Control Knife has long been a leader in the automotive glass and collision repair industries,” Monument Tools Inc. President and CEO Tony Carcione said. “Our product has always been focused on helping our customers do the job right every time while reducing strain on the body. The new Rgrip Straight Cold Knife is an improvement on an already great product.”

Based on the original design, the latest member of the Monument Tools Inc. cold knife family was designed to give automotive glass technicians, aviation mechanics, first responders and more a greater amount of control. Unlike Monument’s other cold knives, the Rgrip is designed to be operated using only one hand.

“Our family of Cold Knives are the best product available on the market,” Carcione said. “However, there are specialized applications that simply do not allow the space for a two-handed tool. In response, our engineers came up with the Rgrip.”

Like all of Monument Tools Inc.’s cold knives, the Rgrip will accept any standard cold knife blade; allows for cutting in either direction while maintaining superior control; and has no screws, levers or other devices that may break over time.

“We’re excited to see the Rgrip roll out to market,” Carcione said. “We stand firmly behind every tool we make, but the innovation that led to this product has us really excited. With the Rgrip, it will be difficult to find a job that our tool line can’t handle.”

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