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Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Tool is designed to help technicians repair modern aircrafts in less time and keep more large air carriers running on schedule

Aviation mechanics may soon be carrying Monument Tools products. (StockSnap Photo/Andrew Branch)
Aviation mechanics may soon be carrying Monument Tools products. (StockSnap Photo/Andrew Branch)

(SAN JOSE, Calif.) Sept. 2, 2021 -- Monument Tools Inc. announced today that its aircraft-specific tool has entered the final phase of testing, one of the last steps before the product is ready for aircraft technicians around the world.

“Our yet-to-be-named aircraft-specific tool has been a product years in the making,” Monument Tools Inc. President and CEO Tony Carcione said. “While we got our start in automotive glass and collision repair, we’ve long seen aviation as another field ripe with potential for us. Considering the build quality and precision of our tools, Monument Tools Inc. is certain we can help air carriers conduct fixes more efficiently, which will keep more planes in the skies rather than sitting in hangers awaiting repairs.”

Today’s airline materials -- such as fiber-reinforced composites, polymer coverings and lightweight woven fiberglass materials -- need to be replaced often due to wear and tear, erosion and safety compliance. Replacements need to be done with little downtime in order for the company to meet schedule demands and there is zero tolerance in respect to any scratching or marring of the structural metal of the airframe.

The new tool reduces the risk of error during repairs, which means a decrease of potential parts costs, overruns, manufacturing costs, and increased cycle times for aviation companies.

“Today’s private planes and jumbo jets are more advanced than ever and require the best tools on the market to keep them in the air,” Carcione said. “Our new prototypes allow aviation mechanics to replace fuselage pieces, aviation glass and other parts in an incredibly efficient manner, which can help keep planes flying on-time as air travel continues to return to pre-pandemic levels.”

The final testing phase is expected to conclude in the next few months. The tool should be available by Summer 2022.

“We owe a large debt to our testing partners and engineers for getting this product nearly market-ready in the face of the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic,” Carcione said. “We’re so close to completing this project and eagerly waiting at the gate for our opportunity to join the exciting and dynamic field of aviation.”


About Monument Tools Inc.

Monument Tools Inc. was founded in 2009 in Northern California, where all of our tools are designed, engineered and developed. Our mission is to bring quality tools to owners, technicians and consumers that allow jobs to be completed quicker, allowing for more profitability and customer satisfaction while diminishing strain on the body. We’re so confident our tools will do the job that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.


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